Of Note

Welcome New ICAA Fellows

Our newest class of Fellows started their first term on January 1, 2014: Larry Boerder, Regional Rep for SW (TX); Elisa Cuaron; Matthew Enquist; Erik Evens, Regional Rep for West (Northern and Southern CA); Jon Kelly; Stephanie Mustian; Joel Pidel.

Petra Garza is now a Fellow Emerita, and we thank her for her contributions to the Institute while serving as a Fellow.

Tim Deal stepped down as co-chair of the Public Programs Committee. In addition to many lectures and events he helped orchestrate, a significant accomplishment of the committee under his leadership was the production of the Post Modernism conference.

Tom Matthews helped coordinate a successful National Curriculum Conference that took place in Denver this past July.

Sheldon Kostelecky is liaising with the Boston Architecture College to bring the Institute’s continuing education courses online for the first time starting this fall.

Elisa Cuaron and Briana Miller co-coordinated the 2014 Ross Awards jury.

Lucinda Ballard, Katie Casanta Rasmussen, and Michael Mesko co-coordinated a very successful 2nd annual Stanford White Awards.

Matt Enquist, Stacey McCardle, Stephanie Mustian, and Briana Miller are working on Private Brooklyn that will take place in December this year.

And, the Fellows continue to contribute regularly to the many and various academic programs being offered around the country, including continuing education courses and the Winterim Intensive: Steve Bass, Marty Brandwein, Michael Mesko, Stephen Chrisman, Seth Weine, Erik Evens, Matt Enquist.