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April 15, 2014 Michael Imber spoke to our chapter at the Grand America Murano Room. The title of his presentation was “The Creation of Beauty through Landscape and Culture.” Our members were so inspired by Michael’s lecture and his body of work. Thank you to Michael for making the trip to Salt Lake City and sharing your story with the Utah Chapter. 

For several years now the Utah Chapter has been collaborating with Brad Houston to encourage and give a platform to a curriculum program that Brad has been working on for many years. We were all so excited to finally implement a nine course series entitled “Classicism Defined.” The reception and sign-up for this class was a huge success for our Chapter with 40 registrants. We held the class May 17 to a full house and after the class was over, word spread and there was a demand for a repeat, which we offered a few weeks later to another 25 participants! 

The second class in the “Classicism Defined” series was held on July 19, 2014 and was taught by Spencer Denison entitled “The Theory of Mouldings.” Spencer spent hours preparing a fantastic presentation with slides, a walking tour, and he even built a life size model of moldings to use as a teaching aide. It was so wonderful and those who missed it are asking us to find a time to offer this class again. 

The education component of our Chapter events has been a huge boost to our members with so many looking forward to each class in the continuing series. If any other ICAA Chapters are looking for a wonderful direction to take their education program, we would suggest you take a look at what Brad has created. It is wonderful! 

Our annual Classical Garden Tour was held June 28, led by Dean Anesi. Dean led our tour last year and there were many requests to see more of his work this summer. He led us to two homes in the Avenues and we were all charmed by his creations. It was a pristine sunny summer morning that seemed to highlight Dean’s work to the fullest. We had many new people attend who are now interested in being part of ICAA Utah Chapter events. 

In June, Robert Baird’s three-year term came to a close as President of the Utah Chapter. There are no words to express our gratitude to Robert for the vision, manpower, monetary support, friendship, enthusiasm, and fun he contributed in bringing about the success of the Utah Chapter. There would have been no Utah chapter without his willingness to step forward and make this happen so thank you, thank you, thank you to Robert!! 

For more information on the Utah Chapter please contact DeAnn Sadleir (801) 915-4848.

Past Events

ICAA Utah hosted the renowned pioneer in the world of theatre design consulting, Roger Morgan. He is the Tony award-winning lighting designer of over 200 plays on-and off-Broadway and in our country’s fine resident theatres. We were able to have a private site tour of the now closed Utah Theater in downtown Salt Lake City. We then re-convened for a most enlightening and delightful lecture by Roger Morgan to a host of theater enthusiasts.  He walked us through his recent historic theatre restoration projects including the Nederlander Theatre and The Richard Rogers Theatre, both in located in New York City.

In November we hosted Part II of an Ink Wash Rendering Class for returning students who had worked on their beginning washes for two months. Andy Taylor taught this class honing the skills of the practitioners. The class was full with requests to host another class in the fall. 

In March students had the chance to make a beautiful wood box to hold the tools of their trade. Chris Gochnour, a master craftsman who has worked his entire life with wood crafting beautiful pieces, led the workshop. We will offer this workshop several times throughout the year where 15 students at a time can fashion their creations.

A highlight for our Chapter was hosting the students from the Beaux-Arts Atelier in New York City. Funding was raised for all nine students to be housed and flown to Salt Lake City to participate in classes including an ornamental sculpture class with Paula Graves and a speed drawing class with Matt McNicholas. They attended a presentation by the LDS Church on Temples, a Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU, and a tour of historic buildings in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks to all who made this trip possible as the students and their teachers were so inspired by the week and wanted to express their sincere gratitude to their supporters.

Wash Rendering Student Eden Cowart, participant in
Ink Wash Rendering Part I and II with Richard Cameron and Andy Taylor.
Photo courtesy of the Utah Chapter.

Students from the Beaux-Arts Atelier visit Utah for classes and to attend the Classical Tradition Conference
in Salt Lake City.
Photo courtesy of the Utah Chapter.

Beaux-Arts Atelier students participate in an ornamental sculpture class.
Photo courtesy of the Utah Chapter.

Beaux-Arts Atelier students participate in an ornamental sculpture class.
Photo courtesy of the Utah Chapter.

Work of the BAA students during their visit to the
Utah Chapter.
Photo courtesy of the Utah Chapter.

Classical Theaters presentation with Roger Morgan.
Photo courtesy of the Utah Chapter.

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